Unlisted teamed up with celebrated filmmaker Michael Gracey & FINCH to create a gorgeous new spot for OnePlus via Mother Shanghai.

Through a simple, elegantly told tale, OnePlus is launching their latest phone featuring Hasselblad camera technology. The film follows the moon on a fanciful, night time journey exploring an unnamed city. Gracey’s intuitive direction, combined with lush cinematography and seamless VFX create a magical world in a series of familiar Melbourne locations.

Currently based in his home town of Melbourne, director Michael Gracey relished the chance to be back in his old stomping ground. “It was so great to be home and shooting with local crews and talent. I love shooting in Australia and this was a beautiful spot to bring to life here. The agency - Mother Shanghai - conceived such a magical and whimsical script and it was so enjoyable getting to realise it with them.”

Says Katie Mackin, Unlisted’s managing director: “We jumped at the chance to work with the creative team at Mother Shanghai. With a knack for heartfelt, emotional storytelling, we agreed that Michael’s ideas had great synergy with the brand. The project was a great proof of concept for Unlisted, which always aims to facilitate collaboration between the best film and animation talents in the world. The opportunity to combine Unlisted's animation and VFX expertise with Finch’s incredible direction and filmmaking expertise was irresistible.”

Shot entirely in Melbourne, the spot will be rolling out across China, India, Europe and the US.

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