Unlisted believes in the power of art in motion

Our award-winning directors, animators & designers are skilled in every film & animation technique; from traditional animation to stylised live-action, from stop-motion to 3D / CGI, from photoreal VFX to in-camera trickery & beyond.

Who We Are

Unlisted is home to the most inventive & original filmmakers from Australia & around the world. Our directors, designers & artists have been selected for their exceptional abilities. All are passionate about their craft & have proven themselves both in our region & on the international stage. They are supported by our Melbourne-based production team & animation studio, which is led by highly experienced producers with decades of knowledge in all forms of animation, design & filmmaking.

What We Do

At Unlisted we create utterly captivating & eminently shareable content that informs, inspires & entertains. From our offices in Melbourne & Shanghai we employ the latest animation, design & post-production technologies and offer extensive local & international production support. Whatever your content needs, whatever stage your project is in, we can offer expert insights & solutions.

How We Do It

Our team of directors, creative directors, designers, animators, writers & producers are all seasoned collaborators. Whether you're starting from a script, a brief, an idea or are just curious about animation, we can help guide you & inspire you. We can provide world-class talent to take your project from concept through completion, or just work to complement or extend your in-house capabilities.

Unlisted is dedicated to our artform and to our clients’ production experience. We maintain the highest standards in our industry & pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled level of collaboration, responsiveness & attention to detail. Get in touch & let us show you what Unlisted can bring to your next project.

Our Services

Unlisted creates all forms of animation including CGI Animation, 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Hand Drawn Animation, Visual Effects (VFX), Stop-Motion Animation & every combination thereof. We produce & direct live-action films which can be combined with animation & VFX to captivate & amaze audiences.

We offer our services to the advertising, gaming, technology, entertainment, music & broadcast industries as well as government bodies, charities or any business seeking to create persuasive & effective content to reach their audience.

Unlisted can help your project at any stage in its development, from concept creation & script writing to storyboarding & character design. From animation & production consulting through to full production, post-production & delivery of your film. Get in touch with us to learn more about Unlisted’s highly specialised capabilities & services.