Jeremy Mansford’s work crackles with frenetic energy; it comes as no surprise that he counts the cartoons, music and video games of the 80s and 90s as being highly influential on his work.

Jeremy’s creations straddles many mediums - he got his start in commercials and music videos but more recently his work has found favour in the gamer world - partnering with wunderkinds Banderita X and runJDrun has put millions (literally millions - the two YouTube stars boast more than 9 million and 0.5 million viewers each) of eyeballs on his amazing, neon-soaked visual concoctions.

Jeremy: describe what you do.

Tickle your eyes and massage your brain with assorted storytelling biscuits.

What are three things we don’t know about you?

I once won $50 from completing a newspaper jumbo Sudoku.

When I was 10 I learnt a bunch of tap dancing. Those skills are lost forever.

I hold an “Ultra Death” spicy hot wings record at a Melbourne restaurant.

Name two pieces of work you’re most proud of, and tell us why.

Spotify: This was my first full treatment adventure with Unlisted, and we knocked it out of the park. Produced in Melbourne, live action shot in New Zealand, animated in Argentina. An international dream team came together to create some vibrant eye-punching work I am super stoked with. Proving that Covid may try and take away our freedom, but it can’t take away our bulletproof next level mega-ninja high quality production capabilities. Or something.

Mortal Kombat: I had an idea I thought was cool. I made the idea. I didn’t like the idea anymore. I almost didn’t release the idea. I decided to anyway. My idea went viral. The creator of Mortal Kombat liked the idea. So did 150,000 people. I liked the idea again.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

Nurturing my wacky thoughts into successful and fully-jacked professional wrestlers. Watching them brawl and grapple in this Royal Rumble we call “media”.

Do you have any work/life resolutions for 2021?

Take more creative risks/eat more spaghetti squash.

You are suddenly teleported to an alternate universe where you must redo your adult life – who are you and what do you do?

I’m a DJ for a nu-metal group called Denies Pain. We have never returned to form since our Tik-Tok dance called the Chunky Wizz Up went viral. Times are tough.

Secretly I’m thinking of leaving the band and finally releasing my solo effort Pottery Wave Epiphany. A whole album of hardvapour ballads inspired by that scene in the movie Ghost.

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