Unlisted, and Hornet animation director Yves Geleyn, in collaboration with Hakuhodo and AOI Pro tell the sweet story of a young girl determined to carry on her family’s legacy in this new spot for GOGO-NO-KOCHA.

Known for his intricate and thoughtful character design and a fairytale sensibility, Yves weaves together lavish environment design, a classic animation aesthetic and his masterful storytelling to create a spot both heartfelt and elegant.

According to Yves, this campaign had everything. “It was a dream project in terms of creating a more classical animation style; having a worldwide animation team delivering across time zones—from South Korea and Canada, to France and New York; and having respectful clients who really loved the art and got excited about seeing what we were producing. Everything was really fun and there was a lot of positive energy in it.”

“Yves’ commitment to thoughtfully told and beautifully executed stories always ensures a great outcome”, says Graham Pryor, Unlisted Melbourne executive producer, “ and the result is work that resonates in a simple yet meaningful way”.

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