In this month’s Meet the Studio, we travel to Paris to dive into the beating heart of a studio known for its fierce fostering of creativity: Eddy.

Eddy is a preeminent creative studio and production company known for uncovering and nurturing new and emerging talent.

Established in 2015, Eddy has built an impressive roster of established leaders in the industry, as well as unearthing its future stars.

Experts in 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics and mixed media.

Ranked amongst the world's best creators of CG character animation, Eddy specialises across all digital storytelling mediums. Eddy pride themselves on affording their directors a balance of commercial and personal projects.

We chatted with Bruno Recorbet to find out more about the inner workings of Eddy.

What sets Eddy apart from other animation studios?

We represent a diversity of directors. Each one has his own universe. As a director-driven company we produced with them any kind of format from short films, music videos, to commercials and more. We give them the opportunity to alternate between personal and commercial projects and we invest energy and time to follow them in their R&D projects, in the purpose of creating new ambitious art directions.

What is the biggest misconception about animation production?

People tend to forget: good animation takes time. We are sometimes consulted too late in the process; but we are optimistic for the future. We educate our clients about the animation process and now, more and more often, they reach out to us early in the creative process. Everybody wins when we can allocate the right amount of time to the project. Animation has another superpower compared to live action: it is far less impacted by Covid issues. Our studio never closed, and we have developed remote processes. Of course, the office remains important because human connections are at the heart of every project.

Eddy are known for their nurturing of new talent – what do you look for when seeking emerging voices?

Our new talents come from a variety of backgrounds. From art directors to animators, we focus on the unique talent of each individual and we create a creative space where they can collaborate with other talented people, be it in writing or visual development. We work with very young (just out of school) talents as well as international directors, but our heart beats when we can have a long term relationship between the director and the production house, it's the most fruitful kind of collaboration.

What is the biggest change you've seen in the industry over the years?

Many changes occur these days. Agencies and clients change the way to onboard production companies into new projects. We become a more important voice, able to creatively collaborate with the agency. The industry is very challenging, that's why we invest in people and talents. Because of their unique voice, which is supported by a dedicated studio, is paramount to being able to create interesting films with agencies and clients today. More specifically, people are more and more receptive to new experiences (from VR to NFTs) and that is something on our radar. They are also more keen to look at "animation" in general due to the success of recent productions like Netflix’ Love Death & Robots, The Spider Verse or even the general trend around Japanese anime and manga.

What is the future of animation production?

I don't know ! For now, we are clearly going towards more hybrid styles mixing 2D and CG techniques. But the market can shift very quickly with each new trend. At Eddy, we try to focus on the good projects that allow a bit of space for research and development. Some industries are more receptive than others to that. We also hope that the future will allow us to develop a more adult animation for a global audience.

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