Unlisted and WIZZ, helmed by director Gary Levesque, teamed up with The Monkeys to create the first ever brand campaign for purveyors of “Righteous Burgers”, Grill’d.

The campaign, touting Grill’d’s commitment to sustainable practices, launched during the AFL Grand Final. The animated spots feature a vigilante burger hero, fighting for good amidst a sea of unhealthy and eco-unfriendly fast food practices. The campaign seeks to establish the ethos of “righteous burgers” as an enduring one for the brand.

According to director Gary Levesque, the appeal for him of the campaign can be summed up by this suggestion: “Imagine if Michael Bay did a cartoon in Japan for Adult Swim.”

“I really enjoyed the whole design process”, he says. Imagining all the characters with the team, and bringing them to life in the different scenarios was so much fun!”

“We’re great fans of Gary’s work and have been waiting for the perfect project to work on with him”, says Graham Pryor, Unlisted executive producer. “His style and storytelling sensibility are the perfect match for The Monkey’s great creative, and we’re rapt with the result.”

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