Unlisted, and director Morgan Harary, in collaboration with 1st Avenue Machine and Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore have created a highly energetic, mixed media spot to launch the collaboration between SK-II and The Andy Warhol Foundation.

Fittingly, the “Broadcast your Beauty” concept is told through the lens of Warhol’s favourite broadcast medium: the television. The highly stylised aesthetic of the spot captures the energy of the limited edition bottle, immortalising Andy’s words, and reflecting a beauty philosophy shared by SK-II.

According to director Morgan Harary, the success of the project was very much founded on the highly collaborative relationship across the teams.

"It was clear from the initial creative brief that the team was looking to push the stylistic boundaries of this film and create something truly bold and innovative. Because of that foundation of passion and vision, we fostered an enormous amount of trust and developed an amazing collaboration with everyone on the agency side. It gave me the flexibility to really explore and experiment with our VFX team in developing the project.”

“This approach led us to tackle the project in a similar way to a live-action shoot. Subsequently, it allowed us to build and create our worlds while separately exploring the style of movement, energy, and transitional elements which carry us through our scenes. And finally, we were able to develop all the additional artwork and test it within our scenes all the way to the end.”

Says Graham Pryor, Unlisted executive producer, “The joy of this project has undoubtedly been its truly collaborative nature. Though dispersed across Melbourne, Auckland, Singapore, LA, NYC, and London, the client, the agency, and our team have been in sync every step of the way, and I think that’s really evident in the work.”

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