Unlisted, in collaboration with Passion Paris and Leo Burnett Singapore, have created five capsule films for the SKII Pitera line under the creative direction of auteur, Axel Courtiere. The iconic bottle design is at the heart of the campaign, and each film features its own director, showcasing the talents of Danae Gosset, H5, Ditroit (directing two films), and Timekeepers.

“The agency wanted each film to have a very defined graphic style”, says Courtiere. “ I was a graphic mediator of sorts, tasked with maintaining coherence and consistency between the films”. And though there is a clear lineage throughout the films, each director paved their own path through the project. According to the Timekeepers, “creating a 12 second film was a welcome escape from the much longer films we usually work on! Our intent was to showcase a fantastical version of the brand’s universe, while telling a short and original story which cuts to the heart of the SKII product”. Ludovic Houplain from H5 reflected that nailing the aesthetic was of the utmost importance. “Creating a look that felt pure and pared back was the key; once we unlocked that everything else fell into place”..

Unlisted executive producer Graham Pryor says of the project, “the opportunity to work with such a diverse range of talent, both established and emerging, was incredibly exciting. And seeing Axel tie together these directors' work into a coherent whole was very satisfying.”

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