Dynamite directing duo Gibbon (aka Aggelos Papantoniou and Nikhil Markale) joined forces with  Melbourne agency The Bureau to  create a dynamic animated campaign for Gami Chicken.

The ‘Unmissable Chicken’ concept has been brought to life in eye-popping style by Gibbon, imbuing the film with their signature subversive humour and vibrant style.

Says Graham Pryor, Unlisted executive producer:  “From the moment the brief landed, we knew this project would be a raucous good time and Gibbon certainly brought the party. Drawing inspiration from a raft of cultural icons, Gibbon crafted a cacophony of colour and visuals that are a real joy to watch. Gami Chicken and The Bureau were great collaborators who trusted us to bring this character to life. A cheeky hero that embodies everything that the brand stands for – great chicken with an attitude!”

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