Unlisted, animation directors againstallodds, LOLA MullenLowe and Passion Pictures have created an epic new Dove spot in the pursuit of better representation in gaming.

The animated film draws us into the real-life story of Cinthia, one of four developer-downloadable avatars created for the campaign. The story commences as the game ends, with Cinthia returning to her dressing room. She sheds the sexualised attire of her character, seeming far more comfortable in her own skin.

A recent study from Dove, in association with Women in Games revealed that 60% of girls and 62% of women feel misrepresented in games, with over one-third of young girls' self-esteem being negatively impacted by lack of diversity in characters. And 74% of women wish for more inclusivity in female video game characters.

Continuing Dove’s ‘Let’s Change Beauty’ tagline, the film acknowledges the power in demolishing prohibitive beauty stereotypes. When our hero, Cintia, returns to the game, she does so as her confident, authentic self, ready to face her next foe.

Says Unlisted managing director Katie Mackin. “The opportunity to utilise againstallodds’ evocative storytelling to convey this important message around diversity and inclusion was an irresistible one. We’re proud to partner with LOLA MullenLowe to bring this campaign to life.”

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