The ‘modern gentlemen’ aesthetic of Illustrator Mr Slowboy and the savvy animated storytelling of director Laurent Kircher (known for his work on ‘The Triplets of Belleville’) combine to glorious effect in a new film celebrating 150 years of Heineken. Taking us on a global journey, the spot, imbued with an irreverent sense of fun, reminds us of the many joyful ways to come together over a cold beer.

Closer to home, Wesfarmers’ membership subscription service, OnePass, launched their brand platform with a campaign created via creative agency CHEP, directed by Jeremy Mansford and starring gruffly-voiced penguin mascot, Onesie.

Facing a tight schedule and a long list of deliverables, Unlisted’s Australian studio devised a novel pipeline for the creation of the character and the artistic direction of the entire campaign. This allowed seamless integration of Onesie across various platforms, delivering high-quality 9K resolution print files tailored for in-store and billboards, alongside engaging TVCs. According to Unlisted Executive Producer, Graham Pryor, “ Every asset was meticulously developed for versatility across various media; on-air, online, on billboards, in cinema, in social media and in-store at OnePass affiliated retailers - a pretty incredible feat!”.

watch the Heineken spot

watch the OnePass spot