Creative duo Vallée Duhamel teamed up with Katy Perry to create her latest video, ‘Daisies’. A masterstroke in design, animation and distributed working, the video involved more than 40 artists from around the world contributing from home.

The directors were originally chosen by Perry for their live-action/in-camera animation work for brands like Hermes. However, in the middle of a lockdown that level of production would have been impossible. So the duo pitched an idea inspired by the world of graphic novels. According to Vallée, “we imagined a world that illustrates the perseverance of a girl who overcomes obstacles getting in her way… represented by a rock that keeps invading her house, transforming it into different surreal spaces...”

“For us, the meaning of this song is about resilience and believing that you can get through the obstacles or overcome the people that don’t believe in you,” Vallée told website and creative champion, It’s Nice That. And as if to demonstrate that meaning in real life, the pair produced the film in record time -- just 4 weeks! Adding weight to Oscar Wilde’s argument that ‘life imitates art.’

Vallée continued to It’s Nice That, “The timeline was just insane. Because we were all spread out in different time zones, and also because everybody was working remotely from home, we had to create a system for reviews and approval that had no room for waiting, and just ran at full steam. That’s why Eve and myself had to split our schedule to cover the full 24 hours a day. One would stay up until the middle of the night, and the other would wake up very early in the morning to keep the pace up.”

The track debuted on the finale of American Idol with Perry performing a live-action version of Vallée Duhamel’s animation.

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