Unlisted and Eddy, helmed by director collective Turbo (Antoine Marchand, Benoit de Geyer d’Orth, Paul-Eugène Dannaud, Fabien Meyran) teamed up to create a heartfelt animated film for the Australian Red Cross.

In 2020, Australian Red Cross experienced their highest demand since World War II - no great surprise, given the constant barrage of disasters and catastrophes - not to mention a global pandemic. The new brand campaign from DDB Sydney highlights the overwhelm of the past year, and the remarkable 106-year track record of the Red Cross of supporting Australians through all kinds of crises.

Turbo relished the chance to tell this story: ‘It was a great opportunity to convey the message of the Red Cross and interpret in animation the pressure of recent events on people around the world. In this film, the main character is constantly confronted with bad news, and he doesn't know where or how to act because he is completely overwhelmed by the events. This gave us the idea that he lives in a world that moves from one disaster to another like a smartphone, where we swipe from bad news to bad news on our news feed. Before he has time to do anything, the scenery and the situation swipes, leaving our hero no chance to help the previous person.”

The film was set to “Where to Start”, composed and performed by much-loved Australian songwriter (and Eurovision contestant), Kate Miller-Heidke and her partner Keir Nuttall.

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